How Smallbiz TV works for your business

We understand that for many businesses, the development of video content for their web site or social media channels is difficult and, more often than not, really expensive. If you are also located regionally, it introduces another challenge - finding someone locally to create your content.

And that's why we created Smallbiz TV - affordable video content for small businesses.

Step 1: Spend 10-15 minutes chatting with Smallbiz TV

We will record a conversation with you using StreamYard - an online video recording application that also enables live streaming to Facebook Live, YouTube and LinkedIn. One of the great things about StreamYard is that we don't have to be in the same place to record the conversation - it is all done via the internet!

Soon you will also be able to choose whether you want our conversation to stream LIVE via our Smallbiz TV social media channels or simply record it to be used online by you after the recording session. 


Step 2: Review the video recording of the conversation

Once we have completed recording the conversation, we will post it on our private YouTube channel. We'll send you a link to the conversation video which will give you the chance to review the content and to decide whether you want to purchase the video and audio (or both) for your business.

If you do, move onto Step 3. If not, we'll keep the video and audio private for a few months, in case you change your mind. 


Step 3: If you like what you see and hear, buy the content

If you decide to purchase the content, we'll send a copy to you. As well, we'll make your video visible on our YouTube channel, meaning that visitors to our site will see your video as well. You can even use that uploaded version on your social media to save you the effort.

And then to top it off, if you purchase the audio, we'll include it as an episode of The Smallbiz TV Podcast - a podcast that will be available via all of the major podcast stores!


Step 4: Promote your business with your new content

Once you purchase the content (audio, video or both), the content will be yours to use however you want to.

We hope you'll let us use the content too - on our YouTube channel, The Smallbiz TV Podcast, web site and social media. Not only will it help us to market Smallbiz TV, it will give you access to a bigger audience!

See our Pricing Page to see exactly what we'll do to promote your business.