Smallbiz TV Blitz

Are you part of a business community that is looking for a unique way to promote yourselves?

Smallbiz TV Blitz might be just what you are looking for.

A day (or half day) of Smallbiz TV episodes, live-streamed via your Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube channel (or ours) every half hour. Every half hour, we introduce a different guest and talk about their business, their local business community and what they've learned by running their small business.

On a half day Blitz, we can create and broadcast up to 8 episodes. On a full day Blitz, we can broadcast 14 episodes.

Prefer your Blitz to operate after hours? We can do that too. Maybe from 7:00pm till 9:00pm across a five day working week. On a special event day. As part of a weekend festival.

It is entirely up to you!

Want to know more about Smallbiz TV Blitz? Please contact us to arrange a no-obligation discovery conversation.