About Smallbiz TV

Smallbiz TV was established by Untypical Media to meet the needs of small businesses across Australia, particularly businesses located outside of the major metropolitan areas.

We understand that many small businesses - just like us - want to create video content for their web sites, social media pages and other communications channels but are put off by up to four major constraints:

  1. The cost of engaging videography professionals
  2. The availability of videography professionals outside of major metropolitan areas
  3. The technical knowledge required to create their own video (and audio) content
  4. The confidence to present on camera

So, we put our minds together and came up with what we think provides a cost-effective, personal and engaging solution for businesses of all shapes and sizes in all locations where there is reasonable online coverage.

Overcoming the four constraints

Here's how Smallbiz TV addresses those four constraints:


Smallbiz TV provides up to 15 minutes of video content for only $220 (including GST). 


Everything is done via your computer or phone - as long as you have a reasonable internet service, you can record your Smallbiz TV conversation right from your home, office or anywhere else!

Technical knowledge

As long as you can click on the link that we send to you, a few minutes before we are ready to start our conversation, that's all the technical knowledge you need!


This is always a tricky one but because Smallbiz TV is a conversation, you will have someone there with you, making sure that everything runs smoothly. Don't forget, your specialist subject for the conversation is "your business" - you know more about that subject than anybody else!!

Tell Me More

You can find out more about the recording process by visiting the How it Works page. To learn about our pricing options, please visit the Pricing page. 

We also have a Frequently Asked Questions page - if you can't find the answer there, you can get in touch with us via our Contact page.