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Most small businesses have their own web site or social media channels for marketing their products and services. As online channels evolve, we have noticed that video is now being used as a key component of the content, providing movement and personality to the web site or channel.

For many businesses, the entry price point for bespoke video content is prohibitively high - this becomes even more expensive for businesses that are located outside of the major cities and regional centres.

We have created Smallbiz TV to provide an affordable option for small businesses who want to use video but don't have the budget and/or expertise to create their own.

If this sounds like you, we'd encourage you to spend a few minutes reading about Smallbiz TV and how we can create affordable video content for your web site or social media.

How Smallbiz TV Works

Smallbiz TV has established itself initially as a YouTube channel and audio podcast. We conduct video conversations with our clients, giving them the opportunity to promote their business and to provide tips and ideas for other small businesses who are watching or listening.

You will be able to purchase the video and/or audio content after we chat. You will be able to use that content however you want to and, to help your marketing and promotional efforts, we'll include it in our YouTube channel and The Smallbiz TV Podcast as well.

Extra exposure for your business for no additional cost.

The software we use to record the conversations also allows us to stream conversations live via Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. We will be introducing this service in 2021 as part of a regular live stream. More about that later!

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How much does Smallbiz TV cost?

Initially, it costs you NOTHING to be part of Smallbiz TV.

That's right - nothing.

We complete our conversation at an agreed time and, once we have finished, you'll be able to review the content we create before committing to a purchase.

Prices for the audio component of our conversation start at $110 per conversation with other options available.

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News & Social Media

When we have an announcement to make, we'll use our social media channels and create a news item on the web site.

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